Do you ever feel like you get lost in the Black Hole of the Internet? Jennifer Donovan is here to share a solution for controlling your time on the Internet so you can beat this common time management problem.

Tell me I’m not the only one. I think of something and right then I open another window in my internet browser or grab my phone:

  • What’s the name of that restaurant my friend recommended for our upcoming trip?
  • What time is that movie playing this weekend?
  • I need to order that book my daughter needs for school.
  • I need to pay that bill online.
  • I need to send a friend an email about our weekend plans.

It’s one innocent click, and then I’m lost for an hour or more in the internet black hole of online shopping or browsing, Facebook, online quizzes, blog posts, emails that require responses and more. That window of time that I had set aside to get something done is gone and now it’s time to pick up a child or help with homework or make dinner.

3 Tips for Controlling Your Time on the Internet

Set limits

After hearing a sermon at a church I was visiting about Lent being a time of clearing out the clutter to free our minds to focus on Christ, I realized that the clutter in my life was that mindless loop I get into on the internet.

Following rabbit trails, checking email and Facebook over and over again was a black hole that sucked me in multiple times a day, stealing my productivity….


This is an excerpt from the article 3 Tips for Controlling Your Time on the Internet which originally appeared on 5 Minutes for Mom.