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Today on episode 44 we’re talking about how to get other bloggers to hate you. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. I’ve said it numerous times about blogging; my number 1 problem is that it’s highly unregulated. We’re all flying by the seat of our pants trying to do our best. Mommy bloggers are some of the most amazing people I’ve met, and most of us are in this to try and do better for our family. Bloggers are one of my favorite groups of people, but they can be a very fickle group of people as well. There are several communities and groups. Most of the time everything is fine, but just like everything else, personalities clash sometimes and things may irritate you. There are a few things I’ve found over the years, however, that are guaranteed to make other bloggers not like you. You’re building a brand or a business, and it’s important to maintain the best image possible. Not doing these things can help you to do that!

How To Get Other Bloggers To Hate You – STS Episode 044

Take Something Someone Said in a Private Group and Tell Someone Outside The Group

Most of the time it’s pretty innocuous, but by doing so it takes the safe place to talk and makes it into a big gaping whole….

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