Are you a gamer looking to upgrade?  Or a parent gearing up for holiday gift-giving? Either way, you won’t want to miss The Co.’s assessment of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft’s exclusive holiday line up.


    Where is the information in the article about “games….?!” I see nothing….not even a link…

    • TheUnsuper

      its a video( a bad video)

      • IrritableGamer

        A bad video? I’m guessing because the guy in the video isn’t blindly worshipping the PS4. I don’t know what’s so great about a cheaply done remake and a few indies vs a monster platform exclusive like Halo 5, a decent RPG like Fable and an awesome action/adventure like Tomb Raider.

  • Jon Scarr

    Hi all, glad to see there is discussion about my video. I took a look at what exclusvie games are coming out for each console this holiday season. I then gave my opinion on the matter. Do you agree, or disagree with my assessment? Let me know