Bridging physical and virtual worlds together since 2011, with the blockbuster and revolutionary Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, a new video game genre called toys-to-life was created by Activision. Since then, the Skylanders franchise has went on to generate more than $3 billion in worldwide sales.

The newest entry in the series, Skylanders SuperChargers brings many firsts into the series. With the introduction of vehicles, your Skylander can now soar the skies in jet planes, explore both above and below the water, and cruise across the land. In all, there are 20 new SuperChargers characters with distinctive new moves, and 20 new SuperChargers vehicles for you to collect and use in game.

Nintendo fans are in for a treat, owners of the Wii U version will get Turbo Charged Donkey Kong and his Barrel Blaster vehicle. The companion 3DS and Wii game, Skylanders SuperChargers Racing contains Hammer Slam Bowser and his vehicle the Clown Cruiser. With a twist of the base, both Donkey Kong and Bowers can be used in compatible amiibo games. Pairing up your new Skylanders with their signature vehicles makes them “supercharged”, giving them damage boosts and other various perks in the game.

For the first time in a Skylanders game, you can now play online co-op multiplayer with your friends. In addition, the all-new racing mode allows you to take your vehicles online in an all-out battle, while collecting power ups and avoiding hazards along your way to victory.

Let’s take a look at Skylanders SuperChargers, and see if the newest entry into the franchise is a worthy addition to your game collection.

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The Good

Vehicles are a welcomed introduction to the series, accounting for roughly 50% of the games entire gameplay. Fans need not to worry, combat, puzzles, mini games, platforming, and on-foot adventures make their return to compliment the rich story-driven gameplay. The introduction of land, sea and sky vehicles keep the gameplay fresh and interesting. Take for example Cloud Kingdom, where you soar through the skies of a beautiful ancient roman city in your Sky Slicer at blistering speeds, blasting enemies all with complete full range of movement.

Online multiplayer racing is a blast! A total of four players can race online against each other with their favourite Skylander and vehicle. Finding players to race against is quick and easy to do, and the courses are impressively detailed, containing multiple routes, jumps, and unique power ups. Each vehicle type offers a different type of gameplay adding more value to the Skylanders and vehicles you will be collecting.

The amount of content in this game is nothing short of amazing. Long after you complete the story, you will still find yourself coming back trying to complete mini quests, unlock new attacks, and upgrading your vehicle just to name a few. Fans will be happy to know that in addition to the land vehicle that comes with the starter pack you’ll only need one sea and one air vehicle ($18.99 each) to unlock all of the games story content.

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The Bad

The controls for the arena based land battles are bizarre and confusing, most of the time I ended up driving in circles or mashed up against the wall. There are two control schemes that can be selected, unfortunately neither one really works well. The problem occurs in steering your land vehicle, and the ever changing camera angle —it’s downright frustrating. Another minor, yet mentionable, gripe I have is with the multiplayer co-op mode. Only one vehicle can be used in this mode, so in any of the vehicle sequences one player controls the vehicle while the other player shoots. I would have liked to see a split screen mode allowing for both players to have complete control over their own vehicles.

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My Final Verdict

Skylanders SuperChargers will satisfy new and old fans alike, with the addition of vehicles, online multiplayer co-op and racing modes, 20 new Skylanders with their own unique and distinctive moves, backwards compatibility with previous Skylanders figures, and an amazing amount of content. You will definitely get your money’s worth and more out of this game. Don’t forget to check out my unboxing video of Skylanders: SuperChargers Dark Edition Starter Pack for Wii U.

  • Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS
  • Developer: Vicarious Visions
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Genre(s): Role-playing, action-adventure, platform, racing
  • ESRB Rating: E10+ For Everyone ages 10 and up