Join Yoshi in his latest adventure, available exclusively on the Wii U—Yoshi’s Woolly World. The Yoshi Clan is living a peaceful and laid-back life on Craft Island, until one day when the mischievous Kamek suddenly appears, and starts turning everyone into wool. Yoshi sets out to rescue the other Yoshi Clan members, and stop Kamek’s mischief.

Whether you’re a long time fan of Yoshi games or new to the series, here are five reasons why Yoshi’s Woolly World is a must have game this holiday season.

  1. Amazing amiibo support

Yoshi’s Woolly World offers innovative amiibo support from a wide variety of amiibos. Compatible amiibo include figures from the Super Smash Bros, Super Mario, and Splatoon series, as well as the Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary amiibo. New soft Yarn Yoshi amiibo figures in green, pink, and light blue are also available. In all, Yoshi’s Woolly World is compatible with over 40 amiibo. Wow, that’s a lot!

You’re probably wondering “what do these amiibo do”? If you tap one of the soft Yarn Yoshi amiibos, they’ll activate a “Double Yoshi” in single-player mode. Much like the double cherry item from Super Mario 3D World, this creates a second Yoshi character that can be used to help you collect the many items scattered throughout the stages, and conquer the challenges that you face in each level.

Other amiibo such as Link, Samus, and Inkling Girl will alter Yoshi’s appearance by unlocking patterns (costumes), which resemble their respective amiibo. My favourite was playing as Samus Yoshi, totally cool!

Picture 2

  1. Breath-taking visuals combined with a brilliantly composed soundtrack

Yoshi’s Woolly World has some of the most breath taking visuals on the Wii U to date.  Everything is rendered as if it were knitted together and the juicy visuals run at a near constant 60 fps. The characters on screen and backgrounds have a handcrafted look and feel to them that have to be seen to be believed—they are truly amazing.

Just as captivating as the visuals are in this game, the soundtrack is equally impressive. With a wide range of orchestrated melodies, including cheerful tunes the score is brilliantly composed and complements each level superbly.

Picture 3

  1. Flawless controls

As you might expect from Nintendo, the controls in Yoshi’s Woolly World are wonderfully responsive. Yoshi can tie up enemies by throwing balls of yarn in multiple directions along a trajectory that is determined with the press of a button on the GamePad, or by using the accelerometer on the Wii remote.

You can easily run, jump, eat enemies by whipping out Yoshi’s tongue, and flutter to make it to otherwise unreachable areas. The controls in Yoshi’s Woolly World are intuitive, and not once did I have a problem controlling Yoshi.

Picture 4

  1. Local multiplayer fun

For the first time in a Yoshi game, you can team up in story mode with friends and family for local multiplayer mayhem. Each player controls his or her own yarn Yoshi, and you can even turn the other yarn Yoshi into a ball and toss him or her into hard-to-reach areas.

Each player’s score is calculated independently at the end of each level, offering the opportunity for friendly competition throughout the game. If you’re having troubles getting past some of the levels in Yoshi’s Woolly World or looking for help to get 100% completion, you can switch to Mellow Mode at any time. Mellow Mode allows you to play as Winged Yoshi with the power of flight and offers a reduced difficulty.

Picture 5

  1. Jam-packed levels filled with fun collectables waiting to be discovered

Yoshi’s Woolly World is all about exploration, every level is jam-packed with fun collectables, and goodies that are just waiting to be discovered. You have complete freedom with no time limit, to explore every nook and cranny looking for valuable beads that you can exchange for Power Badges. These Power Badges give Yoshi special powers such as powering up his ground pound, and reveal hidden items.

Or, discover and collect all five wonder wool in each stage to unlock one of the over 50 different patterns for Yoshi. If you’re lucky, you may even uncover each of the five flowers that are hidden in each stage. Collect 40 flowers in a particular world, and you unlock a special stage.

At the end of each stage, a list of collectable items is shown including all the hidden treasures that you collected, and any treasures that you may have missed along the way. There is so much to do and see in Yoshi’s Woolly World, that you will keep coming back time and time again. It’s so much fun!

Want a little hint? If you see loose string try pulling it, you never know what could be hiding behind the wall.

Picture 6

Final Thoughts

As you can see Yoshi’s Woolly World is a must have game for any gamer this holiday season because of its amazing amiibo support, breath-taking visuals combined with a brilliantly composed soundtrack, flawless controls, local multiplayer fun, and jam-packed levels filled with fun collectables waiting to be discovered.

Do yourself a favour pick up Yoshi’s Woolly World, you and your family and friends won’t be disappointed.


Platform: Wii U

Developer: Good-Feel

Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Platform game

Modes: Single-player, local multiplayer / amiibo support

ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)