6 Tips for transitioning your wardrobe into spring

While the rest of the world seems to be blossoming into spring, us northerners always seem to be stuck in 6 more weeks of winter—no matter what Mr. Groundhog said.

This time of year provides a style stumbling block I hear all the time in my personal styling work, and one I struggle with every year. The transitional season—when we’re feeling totally sick of our winter wear but mother nature hasn’t quite caught up to our spring vibes—is one of the hardest to dress for. (Can I get an amen?!)

The wonderful ladies at the Wonder Forest agreed, and we thought I better pop over here and share some of my favourite tips for shedding the winter wear and adding a little spring into your step—all while still keeping warm.

Put the opaque tights away and layer over denim instead

6 Tips for transitioning your wardrobe into spring

When we want to break out the spring dresses before we’re ready to break out the bare legs, a common impulse is to pair them with nylons—which can make our spring dresses feel like winter dresses.

Instead, layer your dresses over denim for a fresher look….

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