Have you ever been to an appointment that was important to you but once there, you felt like it was unimportant to the professional whose help you were seeking? Of course, you have. We all have.

I get it, they’re busy and the length of time they take between each client means their next customer may get disgruntled or the professional may be late for that really important family event. Dentists, financial advisors, mortgage specialists, optometrists…are just a few professions who base their work on appointments and timelines.

As a mom feeling rushed in today’s society has become part of the norm, BUT when you find that ONE person who will take the time to get to know you and why you’re visiting their office, you know that they not only love their job but that they truly care about you and your concerns. You want to talk their ear off and find out as much information as you can, much like I did during my most recent eye exam* at my local Pearle Vision.




I suffer from yearly red itchy irritated eyes, it gets so painful that any movement in my eye is unbearable. The doctor I met with took the time to tell me what it could possibly be (this is where I really wish I would’ve written it down) and the cause of it – also, if not looked after properly how damaging it could be to my eye sight over time.

I’ve been to plenty of optometrists and specialists (even in hospitals) only to be told there’s nothing wrong with me or “here’s a prescription…” and be sent on my way with no explanations. Umm…okay. Does anyone else feel completely helpless at this point? Like, what was the point?


At Pearle Vision the focus was on me and my concerns not on the next person waiting right outside the door. The doctor was patient with me and that is something I truly appreciate in any professional I’m seeing.

Life is hectic and certain things like eye care or submitting receipts often go unnoticed, make sure that doesn’t happen to you and book an eye exam* at a Pearle Vision in your neighborhood, where they can direct bill insurance plans plus they’re even open on Saturdays – somethings I know that are a bonus for most families.

Although, I find direct billing and being open 6 days of the week beneficial, it’s because of Dr. Sandhu’s genuine interest in me and my concerns during that small moment of time that I know when I’m due for my next eye exam, you can guarantee I’ll be paying her a visit.

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